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Memeing the plans you’ve had all these years

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We’re all in this together. We’ve shilled, fudded, but none of us have ever sold. We’re ready to make it. Meme tokens have made more millionaires than the original ETH LINK. We’re ready. This is your time! Let’s GO

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Meme Magic

We’ll get your dubs or even trips.

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Sergey’s Big Macs

We work to Uber Eat’s Sergey All the Big mac’s so he doesn’t have to!

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Neets To Work

We all know Neets don’t work. We’re here to give them something to do!

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Technology can be complicated. I’ve tried shilling LINK to my family and frens. It's impossible. We’re here to make things less complicated. Just a meme. No CCIP, No Oracles, No Rory. Just plaid shirts and Big Macs. We’re all in this together. WAGMI

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Big Mac House, 90, George Town, Grand Cayman KY1-9012

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*This is just a MEME token, No affiliation with Chainlink or Chainlink Labs. No expectation of financial gains*

Do not eat ze bugs, only BigMacs